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Welcome to The Writer's Refuge


where I invite you to reclaim the moment, connect with your inner muse, and get to know the most overlooked part of your self: the writer within.

I founded The Writer’s Refuge to hold a space of safety where writers can kick-start their writing practice, explore their writer’s voice, and take creative risks without fear of appraisal or judgement.


The Writer’s Refuge is a community of like-minded creatives where we share our curiosity with each other, celebrate each other’s accomplishments and define “writer” in only one way: A writer is one who writes.

Welcome to the writer's refuge

Hi, I'm Jill.


How can I help you find your inner muse?

My coaching programs focus on helping you to understand and push past the blocks that stand in the way of your creative work. Coaching can help you in many ways. It can help develop your writing practice, find and strengthen your unique voice, identify creative choices, encourage you to take creative risks and shape your ideas into meaningful writing projects. 

In addition to coaching services, I also offer manuscript evaluation and developmental editing services, and can provide line and copy editing through a  credentialed editing partner.


My Mission

My mission is to help all people—regardless of economic class or educational level—live their creative dreams with curiosity and intention. I do this by nurturing the inner artist in a particular way—on purpose, with attention, with unconditional encouragement.


Through workshops, one-to-one coaching, and editing services I offer practical tools, guidance and community to help you realize your true potential, develop your writing practice, and fulfill your creative promise. 


I am an AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA method as described in Writing Alone and With Others by Pat Schneider, Oxford University Press.

Having recently opened The Writer’s Refuge, a writing studio in Jacksonville, I lead in person and online writing workshops using the AWA model. While still living in the northeast, I led AWA writing workshops for three years in my studio in New Jersey, The Mindful Muse. What I love most about leading workshops is what I learn from the writers who attend them. I never cease to be amazed by their expansive curiosities and their unique strengths.

Amherst Writer's Affiliate


Join us on Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays from 12:00 p.m. until 1:00 p.m. (ET) for an hour of supportive silence* dedicated to writing in the community of other writers on a piece of work or a writing project of your own choosing. The session will be  entirely self-directed, without writing prompts, assignments, or feedback. ZOOM room opens at 11:45 a.m. for community chat. There is no fee for this writing series.


*The phrase Supportive silence was coined by author, publisher, and workshop facilitator Sue Reynolds. I can't think of a better way of saying and evoking the spirit of the "space" we share as writers.



"The experience in these groups will absolutely prepare you for whatever your goals are"

Within the past year I’ve attended multiple workshops with Jill. The prompts she
chooses are always inspiring and never similar, giving the writer many chances to
challenge themselves and write in different ways. One of my favorite things about the
workshops is the sharing and “non-direct” responses to the writer. Addressing the
person who just read as “the author” or “narrator” rather than using their name or the
pronoun “you” allows for both the writer and reader to separate themselves from the
work, eliminating judgment. It also allows the writer to respond to the prompts in a more
candid and honest manner.

I would tell someone who is considering taking one of these workshops to go for it!
Judgment is non-existent and the feedback received is incredibly helpful. Whether you
are writing for yourself, or hoping to one day publish for a larger audience, the
experience in these groups will absolutely prepare you for whatever your goals are.

- Heather Poulin
Atlantic Beach, FL

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