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Perhaps your manuscript is at the stage where you need the help of a professional editor.  At The Writers' Refuge, I offer three types of editing services:

  • Developmental editing

  • Line editing (in partnership with another editor)

  • Copy editing (in partnership with another editor)

Are you ready to transform your story from merely good to the most impactful it can be?


Then your manuscript is ready for Developmental Editing. Developmental editing can take your manuscript to the next level by identifying and solving big-picture, storytelling issues in your manuscript. Developmental editors rely on writing craft theory to provide suggestions for improving a story, rather than relying solely on opinion. Some of the elements reviewed are genre conventions, theme, story, plot, structure, character and point of view, to name a few. Recognizing that your manuscript is still a work in progress, developmental editors can work with you to shape and refine the story as a whole, ultimately making it the best it can be. I have trained with Alison K. Williams and Sophie Playlet.  

Line editing is a sentence by sentence review, looking to make each sentence better. Line editing ensures that the sentences in a book or article are as effective as they can be. Line editing comes before copy editing.

Copy editing is focused on the mechanics of writing by looking for errors like missing or misused punctuation, grammar, misspelled words, consistent style, formatting and usage of numbers and acronyms, consistency in tense usage and page layout.


For more information or to book a free consultation about my editing services, email: 


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